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B2B bioreactor technology company

Alternative protein companies would benefit from the availability of off-the-shelf or customizable bioreactors for cultivated meat and fermentation-derived products. This need could be filled by increased investment in and support of existing companies (see "Related Efforts"), creation of new companies, or strategic pivots by companies currently producing bioreactor technology for other applications.

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Biomaterials for scaffolding

A handful of companies and researchers are developing scaffold materials for use in various steps of the cultivated meat production process, but to date the topic of scaffolding has been largely overshadowed by the challenge of producing cell mass at scale. This is a topic in need of much more research and development as the industry matures in order to enable the development of products that have meat-like structure and texture, which will be more appealing to consumers than unstructured meat products.

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Metabolic modeling for cultivated meat

Academic researchers or consortia consisting of several cultivated meat companies should undertake research aimed at understanding metabolic pathways and fluxes within cultivated meat-relevant cell types. The outputs of this research could be used to improve the efficiency of media optimization efforts and to enhance the organoleptic and nutritional properties of cultivated meat products.

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Press Media Statement

GFI joins Representatives DeLauro and Clark in celebrating USDA funding of the first-ever National Institute for Cellular Agriculture at Tufts University

GFI joins Representatives Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and Katherine Clark (D-MA) in celebrating the USDA’s investment in the creation of the National Institute for Cellular Agriculture: the U.S.’ first-ever government supported cultivated protein research center of excellence.