Alternative protein course database

Our alternative protein course database maps educational programs focused on alternative proteins and their enabling technologies. In this database, you can expect to find courses offered online and at institutions around the world.

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The demand for alternative protein expertise

The alternative protein industry has a significant need for workers with specialized knowledge across a range of traditional disciplines. Unfortunately, few academic institutions offer alternative protein courses, majors, and other training opportunities. As a result, students do not presently have clear educational pathways to learn about or enter the field.

The good news is we’ve started to see an increase in the number of alternative protein courses launching around the world. With a greater selection of open-access course offerings, more students, early-career professionals, and established technical experts can build a career in the alternative protein industry and reimagine the way we feed our planet.

Explore our alternative protein course database

For students seeking educational opportunities that further their understanding of alternative protein, we’ve compiled a list of courses offered around the globe.  Our database is split into two groups:

  1. Alternative protein courses. These focus on one or more of the following platforms used in alternative protein production: plant-based, cultivated, or fermentation.
  2. Related courses. These are relevant topics commonly taught in traditional disciplines, such as biotechnology, food science, and plant science.

Learn more from open-access curriculum materials

While some courses in our database are limited to students at specific universities, many of these courses are free and available to anyone in the world. In addition, several instructors have made their curriculum materials publicly available through our curriculum repository below. Anyone interested in using these materials for self-paced learning is welcome to explore our repository.

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Curriculum repository

Bring more alternative protein content to the classroom using this hub of curriculum materials and resources for members of the academic community.

Add a course to our database

Do you know about an alternative protein course that we don’t have listed in our database? Tell us all about it! You can also use this form to make updates to a course that is already listed.

All you need to do is provide a link to the course page, but any additional information will help us review new entries more quickly.

Beyond alternative protein courses, we are also interested in other types of educational programs—such as modules, industry training programs, and degree programs—focused on alternative proteins or their enabling technologies.

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Help build the alternative protein workforce

To accelerate progress in the alternative protein field, we need to widen the talent pool of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Learn more about our proposed workforce solutions below.

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  • Fermentation icon Fermentation
  • Plant-based icon Plant-Based

Increasing the number, quality, and diversity of alternative protein-relevant university courses

There is a significant and urgent need to launch and support university and online courses in order to build and extend the talent pipeline of students going into the alternative…

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  • Cultivated icon Cultivated
  • Fermentation icon Fermentation
  • Plant-based icon Plant-Based

Building alternative protein programs and majors at universities

To ensure a strong talent pipeline, there is a need to launch robust university programming, ranging from certificate programs to short multi-course modules, centered around alternative protein. Full majors would…

Read more
  • Cultivated icon Cultivated
  • Fermentation icon Fermentation
  • Plant-based icon Plant-Based

Building workforce capacity through vocational programs

Given the strong and persistent growth in alternative protein production, the industry has a pressing need for a trained workforce. Technical colleges should establish programs to help train the next…

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  • Cultivated icon Cultivated
  • Fermentation icon Fermentation
  • Plant-based icon Plant-Based

Industry workshops, courses, and training programs

The alternative protein industry has a significant need for workers and innovators with specialized knowledge spanning multiple traditional disciplines. However, since few universities offer alternative protein majors or dedicated subject…

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Massive open online course

Enroll in our open-access online course to learn about the science of plant-based meat, fermentation, and cultivated meat.

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The Alt Protein Project

Students play a pivotal role in building the alternative protein ecosystem. Explore how you can start a student group at your university to accelerate the global transition to the future…

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Student resource guide

This guide will help you steer through the exciting world of alternative proteins.

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Collaborative Researcher Directory

Use this directory to find scientific collaborators in the alternative protein field.

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GFIdeas Community

Learn from and network with experts in alternative protein. GFIdeas is a community for entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and subject matter experts.

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Advancing solutions for alternative proteins

Explore commercial whitespaces, research gaps, technological needs, and investment priorities at each stage of the alternative protein value chain.

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Alternative protein career portal

Discover rewarding alternative protein jobs. Gain insights on building your career and find open positions in this exciting industry.