Alternative Protein Company Database

Explore the landscape of alternative protein consumer brands, manufacturers, and ingredient suppliers. Use the database to stay up-to-date on new companies and products in the space, find a manufacturing partner, or identify groundbreaking startups and source deal flow. 

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Manufacturers and brands

Alternative protein manufacturers and brands

Use this database view to identify companies producing alternative protein end-products for consumers such as meat, eggs, and dairy. 

Ingredients and equipment

Alternative protein ingredient & equipment companies

Use this database view to identify companies producing ingredients or equipment for plant-based, cultivated, and fermentation-enabled meat, eggs, and dairy. While a wide variety of inputs can be used for these products, companies are only included in the database if alternative protein applications are a key focus of the company. 

Add a company

Add a company

The alternative protein industry grows every day. Please note that while the company database is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, it is not an exhaustive list. 

Know of an alternative protein company that’s not on our list? Request to add them using the form below. Please fill out as much information as you can. 

GFI respects your privacy. Please refer to our privacy notice to learn more about how we store and process your information.

Request an update

Request an update to the Company Database

Have an update for the database? Use the form below to request a change to the information about your company, including product type, technology focus, and funding round. If your company is currently fundraising, please let us know. 

GFI respects your privacy. Please refer to our privacy notice to learn more about how we store and process your information.

How to use this resource

How to use the Company Database

Use the filtering, grouping, and sorting features of the company database to narrow your search. 

You can filter by technology focus, product type, ingredient type, region, or a company’s fundraising status.

To use the filtering feature, simply select “filter” in the top left corner of the database, and toggle whichever field you would like to filter by. 

The sorting feature can organize the database according to your chosen fields.

To use this feature, select “sort” in the top left corner of the database, and choose the fields you’d like to sort by. 

We would like to thank the following people for their support in updating the company database: Josh Bisig, Jennah Brown, Naz Hatay, Deeksha Mittal, Lily O’Doherty, Julia Piscioniere, Matthew Sheehan, Kimberly Taylor, Kyle Vetrano, Sukhi Wei, and Christina Xu.

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