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Gfi executive directorbruce friedrich presenting on plant-based and cultured meat at ted

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Bruce friedrich at ted

Watch Bruce Friedrich’s TED Talk on plant-based and cell-based meat

GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich explains how new forms of meat production can help address some of the greatest global challenges of our time.

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Modernizing meat production will help us avoid pandemics

GFI’s Dr. Liz Specht explains how the Covid-19 outbreak stresses the need to change how we make meat.

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Plant-based retail market overview

See an overview of U.S. retail sales data for plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products, including market size, growth, and purchase dynamics.

2020 sotir cultivated meat

State of the Industry Report: Cultivated Meat

This global analysis of the cultivated meat industry covers investments, consumer insights, and scientific progress in this growing market sector.

2020 sotir plant-based meat, eggs, and dairy

State of the Industry Report: Plant-Based Meat, Eggs, and Dairy

This analysis of the U.S. plant-based meat, egg, and dairy market covers sales data, investment analytics, consumer insights, and more.

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Securing government funding

Government support will accelerate the growth of alternative proteins. Learn how GFI works to secure public funds for alternative protein research.

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Year in Review 2019

In 2019, GFI cultivated government support for alternative proteins in the United States, India, Brazil, and Israel. Thanks to several generous donors, GFI’s grant program funded 14 open-access research projects.

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Events calendar

See all of GFI’s past and future events and webinars, alongside a curated selection of alt protein industry events.

Meet our experts

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Bruce friedrich

Bruce Friedrich


Bruce Friedrich directs GFI’s strategic planning and execution in the United States and globally.

Areas of expertise: alternative proteins generally, GFI’s global programs and strategy, bicycling in heavy traffic.

Liz specht, ph. D.

Liz Specht, Ph.D.


Liz Specht oversees GFI’s Science and Technology department to build a roadmap for accelerating alternative protein research while empowering scientists to execute on this vision.

Areas of expertise: plant-based meat, fermentation, technical analyses, forecasting and modeling, synthetic biology, public speaking.

Jessica almy, j. D.

Jessica Almy, J.D.


Jessica Almy, J.D., leads GFI’s Policy team in setting legislative and regulatory strategy to promote fair policies and public research for plant-based, cultivated, and fermented foods.

Areas of expertise: regulation, legislation, science and public policy, public health, environmental law, food policy.

Caroline bushnell

Caroline Bushnell


Caroline Bushnell leads GFI’s Corporate Engagement team in their work with companies and investors around the world to accelerate the alternative protein industry.

Areas of expertise: food industry, alternative protein ecosystem, market trends, consumer insights, CPG marketing, emerging industry opportunities.

Varun deshpande

Varun Deshpande


Varun Deshpande leads GFI India’s growing team in the world’s second-most populous country.

Areas of expertise: India, Southeast Asia, startups, business strategy and strategic planning, grant writing, public speaking, and data analysis.

Mirte gosker

Mirte Gosker


Mirte Gosker leads GFI Asia Pacific as Acting MD, accelerating the markets for plant-based and cultivated meat through research and innovation.

Areas of expertise: entrepreneurship, business strategy and development, project management, people management, philanthropy.

Gus guadagnini

Gus Guadagnini


Gus Guadagnini leads GFI Brazil, building partnerships with many of the world’s leading meat and agricultural companies.

Areas of expertise: Brazil, plant-based proteins, entrepreneurship, startups, strategic planning, project management, marketing.

Nir goldstein

Nir Goldstein


Nir Goldstein leads GFI Israel, pushing plant-based and cultivated meat innovation in what is often called “Startup Nation.”

Areas of expertise: food tech entrepreneurship, business strategy and development, policy, intellectual property.

Richard parr, mbe

Richard Parr, MBE


Richard Parr, MBE, leads GFI Europe, advancing smart protein development in dozens of the world’s most advanced economies.

Areas of expertise: the European Union (EU), the UK, food policy, policy analysis, nonprofits.

Salmon lox on a bagel

Access our alt protein photo library

Looking for the perfect shot to illustrate your alternative protein story? Our photo library contains product images available for use from cultivated meat companies.

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Upside foods' cultivation room

GFI celebrates UPSIDE Foods’ groundbreaking cultivated meat production facility, calls for public investment to massively scale and accelerate production

As UPSIDE Foods opens the world’s most advanced cultivated meat production facility, GFI urges increased investment from public and private sectors to speed up production and bring this better way…

Israeli president isaac herzogc cultivated chicken tasting

Israeli President Isaac Herzog becomes world’s first president to taste cultivated meat, recognizes alternative proteins as a key climate solution

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has become the world’s first president to taste cultivated meat, as the country officially embraces alternative proteins as part of its National Climate Strategy ahead of…

Researcher looking through microscope

GFI joins Representatives DeLauro and Clark in celebrating USDA funding of the first-ever National Institute for Cellular Agriculture at Tufts University

GFI joins Representatives Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and Katherine Clark (D-MA) in celebrating the USDA’s investment in the creation of the National Institute for Cellular Agriculture: the U.S.’ first-ever government supported…

Competitive research grant

Scientists awarded $5 million to boost research into alternative meats — a powerful and scalable climate solution

Despite booming commercial interest in alternative meat and the huge climate mitigation potential it offers, funding for academic research lags; GFI’s grant program is designed to address this shortfall and…

Nestle pb triple threat plant-based burger

Hybrid plant-based and cultivated meat product from Nestlé could be “transformative” in the race to recreate meat, says GFI founder and president

GFI Founder and President Bruce Friedrich says that Nestlé S.A.’s work to bring a hybrid plant-based and cultivated meat product to market could be transformative for the alternative protein industry…

Close up on a field of green wheat

Sen. Ruud and Rep. Wolgamott Introduce First-Ever Bipartisan Legislation to Support Alternative Proteins

World’s first bipartisan legislation introduced in Minnesota to support alternative proteins.

Eat just cultivated chicken foodpanda delivery launch plating v13

World’s first cultivated meat home delivery sparks call for public investment

As Eat Just and foodpanda partner to deliver cultivated chicken directly to Singapore consumers, GFI calls for public investment to spur innovation and bring even more products to the masses.

Burgers with toppings, chips, and bean salad

Plant-based food retail sales grow 27 percent to reach $7 billion in 2020

New data from PBFA and GFI shows plant-based meat, dairy, and eggs outpace conventional animal product sales for the third consecutive year.

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Modernizing Meat Production Will Help Us Avoid Pandemics

GFI’s Dr. Liz Specht explains how the coronavirus outbreak stresses the need to change how we make meat.

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Sizzling interest in lab-grown meat belies lack of basic research

Cultivated meat companies have drawn tens of millions of dollars in investment in recent years, but technical hurdles remain. GFI’s Competitive Research Grant program works to overcome those hurdles.

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I’ve not eaten KFC since the 80s. Its plant-based chicken nuggets will change that

Ignore the naysayers, explains GFI’s Bruce Friedrich. For anyone who cares about the footprint of industrial animal agriculture, we should applaud KFC’s plant-based and cultivated meat plans.

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Dietary change may help us avert future pandemics

GFI’s Bruce Friedrich spells out that among the many steps we could take to lower the risk of the next pandemic, perhaps the most effective would be to stop farming animals for meat.

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If you think about it, animals can’t be the only way to transform plants into meat

GFI’s Caroline Bushnell and Dr. Liz Specht show that the current meat industry leaves our planet vulnerable to a plethora of diseases and crises. Plant-based products could provide a safer future.

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Vegan seafood: The next plant-based meat trend?

Seafood is difficult to make without animals, notes GFI’s Jen Lamy. But some companies are betting on new technologies and customers to overcome the challenges.

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What we know about McDonald’s new ‘McPlant’ plant-based burger

The fast food giant’s shift toward plant-based meat could have major implications for the growing sector. GFI’s Zak Weston explains.

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