Watch Bruce Friedrich’s TED Talk on plant-based and cultivated meat

GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich explains how new forms of meat production can help address some of the greatest global challenges of our time.
Bruce friedrich at ted

How can we fight climate change, mitigate the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections, and produce more food with fewer resources? GFI CEO and founder and 2019 TED Fellow, Bruce Friedrich, explores how plant-based and cultivated meat can solve some of our most pressing global challenges. Spread the word by sharing this talk. This talk is also featured in the TED Radio Hour episode Climate CrisisGive it a listen!

Why we say “cultivated meat” vs. “cell-based meat”

GFI and Mattson, North America’s most successful independent food and beverage innovation firm, conducted on-going consumer research to determine the best language to help people understand cellular agriculture and its relation to meat production. Though “cell-based meat” is commonly used nomenclature, our research, testing, and analysis indicated “cultivated meat” would be the best fit for neutrality, understandability, and appeal.



Why GFI uses the term “cultivated meat”

It is possible to be science-forward and transparent while staying rooted in familiar concepts and appealing language. Mattson worked pro bono with GFI over the past nine months to explore,…


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