Research funding database

GFI’s research funding database provides curated grant opportunities for open-access alternative protein research.

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Power your alternative protein research

The novel, interdisciplinary field of alternative protein research doesn’t yet have explicit funding mechanisms, so we’ve screened and categorized applicable programs in our research funding database. We want to lower the barrier to entry for scientists from a broad range of fields to tackle the biggest challenges in alternative proteins. Learn how to use this database in this 2-minute tutorial.

The research funding database is manually sourced and curated. We’re always looking for more funding opportunities to share with our community. If you’ve found an active funding opportunity not listed here, please share it with us.

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Advancing solutions for alternative proteins

Explore commercial whitespaces, research gaps, technological needs, and investment priorities at each stage of the alternative protein value chain.

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Collaborative Researcher Directory

Use this directory to find scientific collaborators in the alternative protein field.

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Research grants tracker

Explore data on funded alternative protein research grants from around the world to discover insights using our dashboard or our database.

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Expanding access to cell lines

Lack of access to cell lines is a major barrier to cultivated meat research. This initiative is increasing access and funding the development of new lines.