Collaborative Researcher Directory

Use this directory to connect with researchers who are active in the alternative protein space and those looking to apply their expertise to this field. This directory also indicates what kinds of collaborative work researchers are interested in exploring with students, labs, and companies.

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Science is better in good company

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2050, satisfying global meat demand with conventional animal agriculture will be impossible. In response, scientists and engineers — across academia, industry, and government — are accepting the challenge to build a more resilient and sustainable food system. 

However, many researchers are at it alone. By breaking down academic silos and building interdisciplinary connections, we can magnify and accelerate the impact of any individual researcher’s work.

How to navigate the Collaborative Researcher Directory

Our Collaborative Researcher Directory makes it easier for researchers like you to find collaborators with complementary skills so that together you can accelerate the transition to the next generation of meat, eggs, and dairy. Here, you’ll find researchers who are already active in the alternative protein space and those who want to begin applying their expertise to this field. This directory also indicates what kinds of collaboration opportunities the researchers are interested in exploring with students, labs, and companies. 

See someone whose collaborative interests match up with yours? Reach out to them through LinkedIn or ResearchGate! Everyone in this directory has agreed to be contacted by other researchers, though no commitments are implied. Be sure to check out our short tutorial to get the most out of this resource. 

Expand your alt protein network 

If you’re a researcher interested in alternative protein and you’re not listed in this directory, we invite you to join! As a member, you’ll be the first to know about collaboration opportunities that match your skill sets, and you’ll receive updates on funding opportunities, scientific seminars, and networking sessions. Additionally, we’ll make sure you get plugged into relevant, invite-only workshops focused on closing gaps in alternative protein science. If you’re already listed in the directory, let us know if you need to update your information.


Amy huang


Amy Huang oversees GFI’s efforts to transform universities into engines for alternative protein research and education. Areas of expertise: university programs, academic ecosystem-building, global health, design thinking, effective altruism, public speaking.

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