100+plant-based meat products offered at leading retailers.
65%of retailers shelved at least one plant-based meat product in the meat aisle. 
78%of retailers had at least one plant-based category promotion.

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The Good Food Retail Report provides ratings for 23 grocery chains owned by the largest 15 U.S. retail companies and presents:

  • Ratings of retailer’s plant-based strategies on a five-star scale.
  • Key performance statistics on plant-based strategies.
  • Recognition of retailers with leading plant-based strategies.
  • Best practices for increasing plant-based food sales.
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Kroger-owned King Soopers merchandises plant-based meat in the meat aisle, including a portfolio of fresh own-brand plant-based meat products.

Giant Food’s signage successfully orients the consumer to plant-based in the meat department. Overhead aisle signage identifies plant-based sets, and a shelf tag system is used to identify plant-based products.

Whole Foods Market’s assortment comprises hundreds of plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products, including at least one product in every category.

With more than 500 plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products on shelf, Wegmans provides abundant product choice to customers.

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This quick guide offers evidence-based marketing and promotion strategies to increase plant-based sales at retail.

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State of the Industry Report: Plant-Based Meat, Eggs, and Dairy

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