Why alternative proteins?

It is impossible to achieve a more livable world without transforming the food system. We must reimagine meat production to secure a future of plenty: healthy lives and livelihoods, nature-rich lands and waters, and a thriving global community on this small, blue planet.

Plant-based and cultivated meat dramatically improve efficiency. They use less land. They cause less pollution. They reduce disease risk. They don’t require the use of antibiotics. They create good jobs. They can feed more people.

With alternative proteins, we can make meat that is better for the planet, people, and animals.

That’s why GFI and our global family of scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and generous donors are building a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative. 

Here’s how…

We identify the most effective solutions

We generate original data and fill critical knowledge gaps in order to understand what actions will most effectively accelerate alternative proteins. We share all this information freely. Our insights are open-access to the entire alternative protein space.

Advancing solutions for alternative proteins

Explore commercial whitespaces, research gaps, technological needs, and investment priorities at each stage of the alternative protein value chain.

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Animal cells in suspension, representing the concept of cultured meat

Expanding access to cell lines

Lack of access to cell lines is a major barrier to cultivated meat research. This initiative is increasing access and funding the development of new lines.

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Plant-based retail market overview

See an overview of U.S. retail sales data for plant-based meat, egg, and dairy products, including market size, growth, and purchase dynamics.

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Aggregating data for alternative seafood

Use our open-access databases to explore how scientific taxonomies and evolutionary relationships map onto culinary categories of seafood.

2021 cultivated meat and seafood state of the industry report cover

State of the Industry Report: Cultivated Meat

This global analysis of the cultivated meat industry covers investments, consumer insights, and scientific progress in this growing market sector.

Plant-based state of the industry report cover

State of the Industry Report: Plant-Based Meat, Eggs, and Dairy

This analysis of the U.S. plant-based meat, egg, and dairy market covers sales data, investment analytics, consumer insights, and more.

2021 fermentation state of the industry report cover

State of the Industry Report: Fermentation

This analysis of fermentation for alternative protein production covers science, entrepreneurship, policy, and industry investments.

We mobilize resources and talent

Alternative proteins need more research funding, more infrastructure, and more talented people. Through our research grants program and targeted outreach to policymakers, companies, scientists, and students, we’re racing to close the gap.

Research grants

Learn about cutting-edge alternative protein research funded by GFI. Find funding opportunities for your own research.

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Securing government funding

Government support will accelerate the growth of alternative proteins. Learn how GFI works to secure public funds for alternative protein research.

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Research funding database

GFI’s research funding database provides curated grant opportunities for open-access alternative protein research.


The Alt Protein Project

Students play a pivotal role in building the alternative protein ecosystem. Learn how you can start a student group to accelerate the global transition to the future of food.

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Alternative protein career portal

Learn how to make a career and find open positions in the exciting field of alternative proteins.

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Ask GFI: Careers in alternative proteins

Join the GFI team every quarter to learn about career opportunities in the alternative protein industry.

We foster collaboration and support the entire field

From advocating fair government policies to working with multinational industry incumbents and building a strong alt protein community, our work is designed to support anyone working on alternative proteins. We invite everyone to the table. 

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Sustainable Seafood Initiative

We are honored to partner with the nonprofit Mission Blue and with the reagents company Kerafast to improve the health and sustainability of oceans by driving the shift to plant-based, fermentation-derived, and cultivated seafood.

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Ensuring a clear path to market

Cultivated meat must have an efficient regulatory path to market to be successful. Learn how GFI advocates clear and efficient regulations.

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Advocating for fair labeling

Alternative proteins need a fair competitive landscape. Learn how GFI advocates fair public policy that places all proteins on a level playing field.

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GFIdeas Community

Learn from and network with experts in alternative protein. GFIdeas is a community for entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and subject matter experts.

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Collaborative Researcher Directory

Use this directory to find scientific collaborators in the alternative protein field.

Abstract representation of computational modeling for cultured meat

Cultivated Meat Modeling Consortium

GFI is a proud partner of the CMMC, where GFI grantee Dr. Simon Kahan is improving bioreactor design for meat cultivation.

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Fuel the future of food

All of our initiatives are powered exclusively by donors — people just like you. Give today and help us build a sustainable, secure, and just food system. Together, we go farther, faster.