Jessica almy, j. D.

Jessica Almy, J.D.


Jessica Almy, J.D., leads GFI’s Policy and Government Relations team in setting an innovative policy agenda to accelerate progress on alternative proteins.

Areas of expertise: regulation, legislation, science and public policy, public health, environmental law, food policy.

Jessica heads up GFI’s Washington D.C. office where our team of lawyers, lobbyists, and analysts leverage federal and state legislation, regulation, litigation, and multilateral engagement to secure public investments and ensure a level playing field for alternative proteins. Prior to GFI, she advanced the public interest through policy and litigation at the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the D.C.-based law firm Meyer Glitzenstein & Crystal. Jessica holds a J.D. from New York University School of Law and an M.S. in Animals and Public Policy from Tufts University.


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Don’t like veggie burgers? Fine, but don’t censor them

Jessica Almy argues that label censorship bills are ultimately aimed at reducing competition. Instead, lawmakers should focus their effort on ensuring a level playing field.

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What can fight climate change and antibiotic resistance? More sustainable meat

The United States government has a long history of solving problems and creating entire fields. Now, the government must support better ways of making meat.

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Do we need the government to tell us that almond milk doesn’t come from a cow?

GFI Director of Policy Jessica Almy explains why veggie burgers and rice noodles should be legal.

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