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Bring more alternative protein content to the classroom using this hub of curriculum materials and resources for members of the academic community.

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Develop a curriculum for alternative proteins

Academic institutions are well-poised to accelerate the development of plant-based meat, cultivated meat, and fermentation by building a talent pipeline of scientists and engineers prepared to lead a transition to a sustainable food system. 

By creating flagship alternative protein courses, instructors position their colleges and universities to attract top talent increasingly interested in alternative protein education. Universities with more alternative protein courses will also be able to develop full certificate programs and, accordingly, develop a reputation for alternative protein excellence. 

One of the highest-impact gifts we can give the next generation of talent is academic curricula explicitly focused on alternative proteins.

Explore our Curriculum Materials Repository

Instructors don’t have to create their curriculum from scratch. You can find the building blocks of alternative protein courses in our Curriculum Materials Repository, including syllabi, powerpoints, recommended readings, and assessment tools from existing alternative protein curricula. All these resources are open-access, ready for an instructor to adapt and transform them to teach students about alternative proteins in new, globally relevant ways.

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Build and teach an alternative protein course

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Accelerating workforce development

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Increasing the number, quality, and diversity of alternative protein-relevant university courses

There is a significant and urgent need to launch and support university and online courses in order to build and extend the talent pipeline of students going into the alternative…

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Building alternative protein programs and majors at universities

To ensure a strong talent pipeline, there is a need to launch robust university programming, ranging from certificate programs to short multi-course modules, centered around alternative protein. Full majors would…

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Building workforce capacity through vocational programs

Given the strong and persistent growth in alternative protein production, the industry has a pressing need for a trained workforce. Technical colleges should establish programs to help train the next…

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Industry workshops, courses, and training programs

The alternative protein industry has a significant need for workers and innovators with specialized knowledge spanning multiple traditional disciplines. However, since few universities offer alternative protein majors or dedicated subject…

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Massive open online course

Enroll in GFI’s open-access online course to learn about the science of plant-based and cultivated meat.

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Student resource guide

This guide will help you steer through the exciting world of alternative proteins.

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Collaborative Researcher Directory

Use this directory to find scientific collaborators in the alternative protein field.

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GFIdeas Community

Learn from and network with experts in alternative protein. GFIdeas is a community for entrepreneurs, scientists, students, and subject matter experts.

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Solutions Database

Explore startup ideas, commercial opportunities, research projects, and investment priorities throughout the alternative protein supply chain.