WSJ Global Food Forum

Virtual Event Virtual Event

The Wall Street Journal’s Global Food Forum will tackle the critical issue of sustainability across the food industry and agricultural economy, covering topics from seed research and farming practices to packaging and the food we eat.

Plant-based taste mastered

Creating a great tasting and sustainable plant-based product can be a complex, costly, and challenging process. Learn from an expert speaker line-up on how to master savory taste to create winning plant-based food.

GFI Israel webinar: Cultivated meat and plant-based meat research

GFI Israel is excited to invite you to join a scientific webinar with Sharon Schlesinger, Ph.D. who will present her cultivated meat research on culturing and differentiating pluri and multipotent bovine stem cells, followed by a lecture with Miek Schlangen who will discuss texture methods for evaluating meat and meat analogue structures in plant-based protein research.

Natural Products EXPO Virtual

GFI Corporate Engagement Specialist Marika Azoff will cover trends and opportunities in alternative seafood on a panel at the Natural Products EXPO Virtual.

Industrializing Cell-Based Meats and Seafood Summit

GFI senior investor engagement specialist Sharyn Murray and GFI senior scientist Dr. Claire Bomkamp will speak at a three-day virtual conference centered around alternative protein consumer trends and manufacturing.