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Techno Economic Assessment models (TEA’s or TEM’s) are one of the first elements of a business plan for any alternative protein venture. Their content and complexity can grow from an initial high-level screening tool into one of the key documents supporting major funding milestones. In later stages they may include plant design and materials flow with increasing levels of accuracy and depth to support decisions about scaleup, CMO opportunities, operations, and optimization.

In this talk, Next Rung Technology’s John Ellersick will present on using  TEAs in the commercialization of alternative proteins. Case studies will highlight the creation of initial screening models and how they underpin product, technical, financial, and funding activities. He will also discuss how TEAs mature through scaleup, plant design, operations, and optimization stages. The 35-minute presentation will be followed by audience Q&A.

Topics include:

  • What a TEA is, why a company should develop one, and how it fits into the larger-scale commercialization timeline.
  • How to quickly create an effective first model.
  • How a TEA can guide R&D, product development, and commercialization processes.
  • Why a TEA is critical to securing funding and for strategic planning.
  • Audience Q&A.

Meet the speaker

John Ellersick is the President and Founder of Next Rung Technology. He has been at the forefront of scaling up impactful large scale bioprocesses since it became clear that current agricultural and manufacturing practices are not sustainable. The Next Rung team has scaled many of the most impactful biotechnologies in the last decade, including helping alternative proteins companies achieve key scaleup milestones. John is a chemical engineer, P.E. and PMP. Prior to founding Next Rung Technology he served on the executive and technology leadership teams at Oasys Water, Myriant, and Mascoma.

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