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Alt-seafood: a non-profit’s perspective

GFI’s Jen Lamy discusses exciting innovations from alternative protein seafood startups, the many benefits offered by both plant-based and cultivated seafood products, and some of the challenges faced in bringing the alt protein seafood industry to par with the alt protein meat industry.

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Plant-based protein makerspaces

Plant-based protein makerspaces would be publicly available spaces where interested members of the public could learn, experiment, and work collaboratively on projects related to plant-based proteins. They could offer access to the physical equipment necessary to conduct projects as well as technical assistance to inform them. The aim would be to encourage more interaction between the public and the alternative protein industry, thus stimulating the exploration and development of more ideas. Makerspaces may also be able to increase positive consumer perception of the technology by increasing familiarity with the relevant production processes. The logistics of the makerspace should be done in such a way to maximize democratization and inclusion of a large segment of the public.