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Dara Homer headshot
Team Team Member

Dara Homer

Dara Homer coordinates the Development team’s work. Areas of expertise: writing, program coordination, teaching, leadership development.

Team Expert

Emily Hennessee

Emily Hennessee works on legislative and regulatory efforts related to alternative proteins and represents GFI as Innovation Lead for Action Track #2 of the United Nations Food Systems Summit. Areas of expertise: public health, food systems, sustainability, nonprofits.

Julia Hart headshot
Team Team Member

Julia Hart

Julia Hart is Finance Manager for GFI, handing reporting and providing support to all staff. Areas of expertise: accounting, mathematics, nonprofits, community outreach, financial management.

Team Team Member

Audrey Gyr

Audrey Gyr is one of GFI’s philanthropy officers, working to build lasting relationships with GFI supporters. Areas of expertise: sustainable agriculture, nonprofits, event & project management.

Team Team Member

Rebecca Frank

Rebecca Frank manages the executive director’s schedule and coordinates the executive team’s projects. Areas of expertise: public health, climate change, project management, nutrition.

Team Expert

James Dale, Ph.D.

James Dale identifies and expands scientific research funding opportunities for alt proteins. He also coordinates opportunities with GFI's allies in academia and industry. Areas of expertise: nanomaterials, interdepartmental research, research funding, grants.

Team Expert

Austin Clowes

Austin Clowes oversees GFI's Research Grant Program, working to increase the amount of open-access research on plant-based and cultivated meat. Areas of expertise: grants, scientific research, technological assessment.

Team Team Member

Brittany Chambers

Brittany Chambers develops deep and long-lasting relationships with institutional givers. Areas of expertise: fundraising, grant writing, history and communications, management.