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Comprehensive microbial screening to identify new protein production candidate strains

A systematic, open-access, comprehensive analysis of novel microbial strains could drastically expand the available strains that can compete on flavor, efficiency, cost, and nutrition.

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A systematic, comprehensive analysis of novel microbial strains would drastically expand the opportunity landscape for fermentation-derived proteins. A similar analysis was conducted in the 1960-70s, leading to the commercialization of Fusarium venenatum. Half a century later, virtually no new microbial strains have been commercialized as high-protein human foods. Vastly more sophisticated analytical tools and genomic insights are now available, warranting renewed screening efforts in an open-access manner to identify novel microbial strains that can outperform existing strains on flavor, efficiency, cost, and nutrition.

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Microbial strain-development contract research organizations for alternative protein applications

While emerging fermentation-derived ingredient companies often optimize their strain’s productivity in-house, it may be more efficacious for startups to engage contract research organizations with both deep microbial strain development expertise…

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Producing animal-like fats through microbial fermentation

Microbial fermentation may be able to help us produce lipids that are identical or similar to animal fats—especially saturated fats, which are exceedingly rare in the plant kingdom.

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Biosynthetic pathway discovery for fermentation-produced molecules

Microbial biosynthetic pathways can be mined computationally to identify candidate pathways for manufacturing high-value ingredients via fermentation.

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