Turning mushrooms into fish


Dr. Mondragon-Bernal is exploring different texturization processes to biomimic fish fillets with fungal proteins.


TECHNOLOGY SECTOR:  End product formulation and manufacturing

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Project aims

This project will work to biomimic fish fillets with mushroom proteins and explore the effects of enzymatic treatments and fermentation on texturization, especially for thick cuts of seafood. Additionally, it will produce prototypes of both mushroom-based salmon and white fish through different texturization techniques.

Principal researcher

Gfi grantee dr. Olga lucia mondragon-bernal, professor, federal university of lavras, brazil

Dr. Olga Lucia Mondragon-Bernal

Professor, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil

Dr. Mondragon-Bernal has expertise in food processing and manufacturing as well as the optimization of fermentation and bioprocessing for food.

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