Glasswall Syndicate Fall Webinar Series

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Join the GlassWall Syndicate for a fall webinar series focused on B2B markets in alternative proteins.

Vegan Women Summit Pathfinder

VWS Pathfinder is the world's first and only women's founder summit and pitch competition dedicated exclusively to animal-free innovation through the future of food, fashion, beauty, and biotechnology innovation.

FoodNavigator webinar: Discover 3 Versatile Ways to Create Plant-Based Offerings with Superior Meat-Like Texture and Functionality

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Consumers are seeking plant-based meat applications that have the health benefits of plant proteins, with the texture and functionality of traditional meat applications. Find out more about emerging market trends, data-driven consumer insights, and innovative solutions for creating plant-based offerings that will delight consumers.

FoodNavigator USA: Futureproofing the Food System Digital Summit

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The western diet – and the food system that underpins it – is becoming increasingly unsustainable, for the health of humans and the planet. So how do we futureproof the food system to deliver healthier, more sustainable products that nourish our bodies without destroying the environment?

Investing in a Shifting Food Supply System

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This virtual conversation explores how an investment in shifting the global food supply system to be more efficient can help to address our current inefficiencies and positively impact food insecurity.

Alternative proteins—are we there yet?

The future of food will not look like the past. This Guelph Food Safety Seminars panel will explore novel food challenges and strategies.

Progress on our Plates: Legal & Regulatory Issues in Alternative Proteins

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Join the NY Lawyer Chapter of the American Constitution Society for a conversation with GFI Senior Regulatory Attorney, Madeline Cohen, as they lead a discussion on legal, regulatory, and policy issues affecting alternatives to traditional meat products.