Team Board Member

Bruce Friedrich

Bruce Friedrich directs GFI’s strategic planning and execution in the United States and globally. Areas of expertise: alternative proteins generally, GFI’s global programs and strategy, bicycling in heavy traffic.

Team Team Member

Rebecca Frank

Rebecca Frank manages the executive director’s schedule and coordinates the executive team’s projects. Areas of expertise: public health, climate change, project management, nutrition.

Team Team Member

Brian Berry

Brian Berry is our Strategic Planning Specialist, helping GFI build, track, and evaluate goals across U.S. and international teams. Areas of expertise: organizational strategy, logistics, project management, e-commerce.

Team Team Member

Stephanie von Stein

Stephanie von Stein is Associate Director of International Engagement, overseeing the day-to-day work of GFI’s international operations to expand GFI’s impact internationally. Areas of expertise: Asia, strategy for global organizations, international environmental policy, water.