Lowering the cost of growth factors


Dr. Peter Stogios is addressing a major cost driver in the commercialization of cultivated meat by discovering and engineering less-expensive growth factors.


TECHNOLOGY SECTOR:  Cell culture media

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Project aims

This project aims to characterize growth factors to identify those with improved properties and engineers those growth factors to further improve performance. It also identifies growth factors for cultivated meat production that can be inexpensively produced and purified.

Ultimately, this work seeks to design growth factors that are more stable and less expensive than existing growth factors. It can enable large-scale cultivated meat production at significantly lower cost.

Principal researcher

Gfi grantee dr. Peter stogios, senior research associate, university of toronto, canada

Dr. Peter Stogios

Senior Research Associate, University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Stogios is a trained structural biologist and biochemist, managing a protein structure-function and engineering lab that studies major issues in biology and public health. He uses bioinformatics, structural biology, and protein engineering to discover and improve growth factors for use in cultivated meat production.

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