Growth factors from conditioned cell culture media

Rather than relying on recombinant growth factors, cultivated meat companies could use conditioned media from animal cells producing high levels of these molecules.

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  • Cultivated
  • Fermentation
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  • Commercial
  • Research
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  • R&D
  • Raw Materials, Ingredients, & Inputs
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  • Cell culture media
  • Target molecule selection
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  • Academics
  • Industry
  • Startups
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  • 1 – Inception


Rather than relying on purified recombinant growth factors, cultivated meat companies could use conditioned media from animal cells that produce high levels of these molecules. Ideally, this would require minimal downstream processing or purification if the conditioned media is compatible with cultivated meat cells’ needs and contains few or no undesirable cellular waste products. Further research either in academia or industry will be needed to assess the practical feasibility of this strategy, and supplying either conditioning cells or conditioned media could ultimately constitute a B2B opportunity.

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Systematic investigation of growth factor needs and effects

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