Developing open-access model production facility blueprints

Open-access blueprints would provide a head start on facility design and allow equipment manufacturers and engineering companies to address standard industry needs.

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Alternative protein companies expend significant resources developing detailed blueprints for new production facilities despite the conservation of many unit operations from one company to the next. This leads to redundant efforts and a missed opportunity to identify facility improvements across the whole industry. Though some process elements will be unique to specific manufacturers, open-access blueprints would provide a head start on facility design and allow equipment manufacturers and engineering companies to become familiar with the alternative protein industry’s needs to more effectively partner as solution providers.

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Database of facility engineering, design, and construction firms

Dedicated brokers, consultants, directories, and other matching mechanisms could help connect alternative protein companies to engineering/design/construction firms with relevant experience and interest in the alternative protein sector.

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Infrastructure and equipment leasing fund

Infrastructure leasing for production and processing facilities as well as capital equipment would enable alternative protein companies to rapidly expand capacity without large upfront capital investments. Having leasing funds and…

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Coordination among investors with alternative protein industry-specific expertise

Investors specializing in alternative proteins should be leveraged to educate the broader investment community through coalitions, syndicated deals, and co-investments with industry-agnostic investors, and spearhead efforts to facilitate later-stage funding…

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