Connective tissue from plant fibers


Dr. Sui is recreating the connective tissue of meat with plant protein fibrils to make better whole-cut alternative proteins.


TECHNOLOGY SECTOR: End product formulation and manufacturing

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Project aims

This project will use plant protein fibrils to recreate the connective layers present in animal meats. The outcome would improve the mouthfeel of alternative proteins and enable the structuring of whole-cut products. It would also assess the functionality of these plant-based connective tissues in high-moisture extrusion. Additionally, this work will expand the capability of plant-based meats to biomimic animal tissue and would help enable the scalable production of high quality whole-cut alternative proteins.

Principal researcher

Gfi grantee dr. Xiaonan sui, professor, northeast agricultural university, china

Dr. Xiaonan Sui

Professor, Northeast Agricultural University, China

Dr. Sui has more than 10 years of experience researching high-moisture extrusion in food applications. He has investigated the molecular structure of soy proteins and the structural networks of soy protein microgels.

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