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Building a plant-based or clean meat company is a startup journey like no other. This step-by-step guide covers everything from planning, creating, and funding your company to developing and selling your product.
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What the internet has: almost everything.

What the internet didn’t have until quite recently: a thorough, step-by-step guide for launching and growing a good food business.

True, there are resources aplenty for The Entrepreneur Writ Large, but we couldn’t find a comprehensive roadmap or an exhaustive set of resources tailored specifically to the needs of entrepreneurs creating products that displace the wares of conventional animal agriculture. 

So GFI’s inimitable business analyst Brianna Cameron created just that: check out The Good Food Startup Manual.

This robust guide details the steps involved in founding and growing a plant-based or clean meat company. Drawing on GFI’s deep experience working with companies like UPSIDE FoodsGood Catch, and Good Dot from their very early stages, it covers everything from planning, creating, and funding the company to developing and selling the product.

Plus, every section is a gold mine all its own of meticulously curated resources for further reading. Dive in as deep as you dare!

Not only does The Good Food Startup Manual provide keen insight on topics that are top of mind for most entrepreneurs (e.g., What’s the best way to protect intellectual property for plant-based or clean meat?) but it lays out important steps that may not yet be on the radar (e.g., How do you build a recall plan and ensure product traceability? What the heck is an 83(b) election? OODA loop, anybody?).

Starting a business that accelerates the evolution of the food system away from conventional animal agriculture with delicious, affordable plant-based or clean alternatives is not like building an app, opening a restaurant, or starting a clothing line. It’s a journey all its own. Growing a good food company comes with a very unique set of opportunities and hurdles. GFI is here to help entrepreneurs capitalize on the former and clear the latter.

Whether you’re considering launching a good food business or just looking for some light bedtime reading, make The Good Food Startup Manual next on your reading list. Cheers.

The Good Food Startup Manual is just one of the supports GFI offers to the innovators and entrepreneurs entering this space. Our GFIdeas community of entrepreneurs brings the information in this manual to life in regular discussion, networking opportunities, and expert advice for food industry insiders every month.


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