Meet the 6 pioneering startups that will pitch at the Good Food Conference

At the second annual Good Food Conference, the next generation of good food innovators will pitch their startups to the titans of the plant-based industry, global media, and venture capital firms.

One stage. Six startups. A thousand-plus viewers. At the second annual Good Food Conference, the next generation of good food innovators will pitch their startups to the titans of the plant-based industry, global media, and venture capital firms during the Innovators’ Showcase. 

Tune in to watch the Innovators’ Showcase on Thursday, September 5 from 2:20 – 3:15 p.m. Pacific Time via our conference livestream. Until then, here is a virtual taste of the sustainable goodness these six startups are bringing to the table (and our plates). 

Ecovative logo

Ecovative Design is working with mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to create scaffolding for plant-based and cell-based meat. In their words, “mycelium is a self-assembling, 3D scaffolding with tunable porosity — making it an ideal material to build upon.” Ecovative’s Atlast platform provides the structure needed to create whole tissue plant- or cell-based beef, chicken, pork, and fish.

Rebellyous foods logo

Rebellyous is working to make sure everyone can enjoy affordable, quick, and scrumptious plant-based chicken. They’re creating new methods and equipment to produce plant-based chicken nuggets, patties, and strips at scale. And they’re focusing on bringing affordable and ready-to-heat-and serve options to foodservice (think: corporate cafeterias, schools, and restaurants). Plus, who can resist a tagline like, “No Harm, No Fowl” ? 

Karana logo

Karana is the Asian food brand of the future focused on reinventing iconic Asian foods to hit the sweet spot of plant-based and sustainable, while still indulgent and authentic. Karana uses proprietary technology to screen regional, biodiverse plants like jackfruit and study their molecular composition. This enables them to enhance naturally meaty ingredients to be indistinguishable from animal meat. Karana’s innovative approach blends tech with plant-based ingredients. We’re here for it. 

Hooray foods logo

Sri Artham, founder of Hooray Foods, is working on what we’ve all been waiting for — plant-based bacon. He started the R&D process at home in his kitchen in February of this year and started selling to his first customer, the restaurant Plant Cafe, just a few short months later. (P.S. Sri is also an alum of GFI’s Massive Open Online Course on new methods of meat production!)

Better nature logo

Better Nature Tempeh is the world’s first food tech company applying a modern scientific lens to the 300-year-old food technology of fermentation. By leveraging tempeh fermentation, Better Nature Tempeh is working to make delicious, nutritious plant-based burgers, bacon, and mince. We’re thrilled that tempeh, one of the most nutrient-dense and sustainable foods on the planet, is getting the attention it deserves! 

Nova meat logo

NovaMeat is using 3D printing to produce plant-based fillets and steaks. This innovative strategy enables the plant-based meat startup to biomimic the fibrous texture of animal proteins and create whole-muscle products like chicken breast. 3D printing may prove to be a game-changing technique for helping the plant-based industry break into the market for more complex cuts of meat. 

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