Analysis overview

The range of fermentation-derived alternative protein products has expanded tremendously in the past several years. Driven by innovations in biotechnology that enable microbes like yeast and bacteria to produce proteins, fats/oils, and other ingredients, many foods can now be made using animal-free methods. Furthermore, the biomass fermentation industry has seen a rapid diversification in microbial species, production methods, and consumer products. These advancements have set the stage for fermentation-derived products to earn a widespread presence in food formulations and on store shelves.  

However, access to manufacturing capacity and the technical capabilities required at different technology development stages and production scales has become a bottleneck for further growth. 

This report aims to inform the effective scaling of fermentation production capabilities by:

  • Capturing and identifying deficiencies in the global manufacturing capacity landscape of fermentation-derived products, as characterized by scale, global region, and customer focus.  
  • Exploring the trade-offs of different scaling strategies, including partnering with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), building greenfield sites, or retrofitting brownfield facilities and equipment as informed by industry expert interviews and analysis. 
  • Highlighting high-potential opportunities to retrofit existing fermentation facilities in parallel industries to reduce the cost and lead time of scaling fermentation capacity.
Figure 12. Summary of fermentation-derived manufacturers
Summary of fermentation-derived manufacturers
Figure 15: geographic distribution of commercial-scale producers and cmos classified as food standard and pharma and/or industrial
Geographic distribution of commercial-scale producers and CMOs classified as food standard and pharma and/or industrial
Sci23024 ferm figure19 final 230707
High-level summary of the current tendencies for manufacturers in the fermentation-derived product industry related to partnering with a CMO vs. building a proprietary facility
Figure 26: capex saved by brownfield development and retrofitting
CAPEX saved by brownfield development and retrofitting
Figure 32: breweries overview
Breweries overview
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Analysis white paper

This white paper describes the existing global fermentation-derived product manufacturing landscape and strategies to effectively scale manufacturing capabilities to support technology development and meet future demand.

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Policy action paper

This action paper – intended specifically for policymakers – summarizes the key findings from this analysis and outlines recommended actions to facilitate the expansion of biomanufacturing for fermentation-derived food proteins and ingredients.

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Industry action paper

This action paper, intended specifically for industry participants, summarizes the key findings from this analysis and outlines recommended actions to facilitate the continued growth of the fermentation-derived protein and food ingredient industry.

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