Inviting everyone to the table

Giving Green, Charity Navigator, ACE, and Founders Pledge recognize GFI’s impact as a field catalyst and convener
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Pulling up a chair

GFI was founded in 2016 with a bold and audacious goal: to reimagine protein and build a better food system for all. 

A shift toward alternative proteins will bring a bounty of benefits for the planet and all who call it home—and we need a wide range of partners with different perspectives and interests to help us catalyze this change. Our global donor community supports our mission based on commitments to different, intersecting causes, ranging from climate change to animal welfare to global health and food security. 

Our work requires a variety of backgrounds, approaches, and unique contributions to succeed. As a field catalyst and convener, we bring together partners from across the food system to advance alternative proteins, inviting everyone to the table to build a brighter future for the planet, people, and animals.

Room for everyone

Charity evaluators bring an important perspective to this space as they conduct and review research to identify high-impact organizations addressing the world’s most pressing challenges. We are honored to be recognized by four of these charity evaluators: Giving Green, Charity Navigator, Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), and Founders Pledge. These organizations have a crucial seat at the table as they work to spark progress for our planet and its inhabitants. 

Here’s what they had to say about us:

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Giving Green selects organizations that maximize the impact of donations on the climate, and their renewed recommendation highlights how “GFI has been a powerhouse in [alternative protein] thought leadership and action with impressive wins.” On GFI’s room for funding, they note, “GFI has substantial room to grow in its three programmatic areas and across its various offices.”

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Charity Navigator conducted due diligence on Giving Green and found them to be so well-researched that GFI is now included as one of Charity Navigator’s top four charities for climate impact.

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ACE recommends high-impact organizations that benefit animals, noting, “We expect that all charities that undergo review by us are effective, but GFI is exceptional even within that group.”

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Founders Pledge conducts rigorous analysis to find giving opportunities with maximal impact, recommending GFI as “one of the most cost-effective animal advocacy organizations in the world.” 

A seat just for you

Before we enjoy the planet-enriching fruits of our work, there are still seats to be filled at the table — and the most difficult and important activities lie ahead of us. We need a wide range of visionaries, innovators, and advocates working alongside us in order to reach our goals.

All of our activities and impact are possible because of our donors around the world who are committed to reimagining the future of food. We invite you to pull up a chair and help us transform our food system from the ground up.

Let’s invite everyone to the table and create a better food future, together.

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