GFI core values: A just & safe workplace in a just & safe society

GFI’s affirms its commitment to a just and safe workplace; releases anti-harassment policy and reinforces zero-tolerance policy.
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By: Amy Shepherd, General Counsel, & Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director

A core value of GFI is respect and dignity for all people in all interactions. This is reflected in our workplace through our zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and harassment of any kind. Our Anti-Harassment and Discrimination policy is provided below, to publicly affirm this commitment. This policy is an important part of our overall commitment to equality, fair treatment, and compassion—and to support working for those goals both at GFI and in society as a whole.

As part of our support for a harassment-free society, we are always reviewing not just internal GFI operations but also how we work with outside parties, including others within the larger community. Organizationally, we are completely supportive of the conversations that have been prompted by the #MeToo movement, which are long overdue.

You can read our anti-harassment policy here.


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Bruce Friedrich serves as GFI’s chief thought leader and relationship-builder, working in close partnership with GFI’s global teams and food system stakeholders around the world. Areas of expertise: alternative proteins generally, GFI’s global programs and strategy, bicycling in heavy traffic.