Claire bomkamp, ph. D.

Claire Bomkamp, Ph.D.


Claire Bomkamp is focused on cultivated seafood and driving forward GFI’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

Areas of expertise: the science and technology of cultivated seafood, cultivated seafood startups, research, and university programs, scaffolding, science communication, fish puns.

Claire uses she/her pronouns.

Claire serves as Lead Scientist, Cultivated Meat & Seafood and is a member of GFI’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative. She focuses on analyzing the technical landscape of the cultivated seafood industry, identifying bottlenecks, and engaging researchers in order to move cultivated seafood technology forward. She holds a PhD in neuroscience from the University of British Columbia and a bachelors in behavioral neuroscience from Western Washington University. Her academic research used both cell culture and computational techniques to understand molecular mechanisms of neuronal connectivity and function, and she has also been heavily involved in youth science outreach programs.


Dr. Claire Bomkamp, Senior Scientist at The Good Food Institute, presents on scaffolding requirements for cultivated meat.
Interview with GFI’s Dr. Claire Bomkamp about the potential of cellular agriculture to change our food system for the better as part of the ACS In Focus eBooks series.
WANBAM in collaboration with the Centre for Effective Altruism and One For The World held a fireside chat series with women from a diverse range of high-impact career paths.
Panel discussion from the 2020 Institute of Food Technologists meeting featuring Dr. Kevan Main (Mote Marine Laboratory), Dr. Cameron Semper (University of Calgary), Dr. Sandhya Sriram (Shiok Meats), Lou Cooperhouse (BlueNalu), and Maisie Ganzler (Bon Appetit Management Company), moderated by Dr. Claire Bomkamp (The Good Food Institute).

Articles and op-eds

The scientist

Cultured Meat Advances Toward the Market

In an article from TheScientist exploring cultivated meat’s journey to market, GFI’s Claire Bomkamp remarks on the significance of the world’s first regulatory approval of the public sale of cultivated…

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Cell-based seafood: Scaffolding tech in focus to achieve ‘flaky’ cultivated fish

GFI Senior Scientist Claire Bomkamp discusses the important role of scaffolding in cultivated seafood, highlighting the key contributions of collagen and muscle fiber orientation to achieving ideal textures.


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Scaffolding Biomaterials for 3D Cultivated Meat: Prospects and Challenges

In-depth review on scaffolding technology for cultivated meat and seafood from vertebrate species.

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