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Open-access product formulation specification sheets

Open-access product formulation specifications could provide clear metrics and objectives for product developers on attributes like taste, price, nutrition, and ingredient ratios.

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As a young category, alternative protein companies often have to complete duplicative work to formulate new products. Many of the starting formulations that are not trade secrets come from ingredient suppliers who are incentivized to maximize use of their particular ingredient. Releasing open-access product formulation specification sheets would accelerate new product development while also helping ingredient suppliers understand downstream needs. These sheets should provide clear metrics and objectives for product developers on attributes like taste, price, nutrition, and ingredient ratios.

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Open-access formulations & optimization methods for cell culture media and growth factor cocktails

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Pooled procurement/group purchasing for ingredients and inputs

Many alternative protein companies use similar inputs, but individually lack the purchasing power to negotiate favorable contract terms. A pooled procurement/group purchasing mechanism for ingredients, inputs (growth factors, media, etc.),…

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Development and industry-wide adoption of standards for meat characterization

A more comprehensive understanding of the processes, structures, and molecular constituents governing meat’s organoleptic properties will inform the production of alternative proteins.

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