51fermentation companies are focused exclusively or predominantly on alternative proteins.
$1Bin investment capital has been raised by alternative protein-dedicated fermentation companies.
$587Mwas invested in fermentation companies in 2020 alone — more than the half of all-time investment.

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This report dives into the commercial landscape for fermentation-enabled alternative proteins, the range of products, investment trends, scientific and technical advances and opportunities, regulatory developments, and more.

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Graph of the rise of invested capital in alternative proteins across plant-based, fermentation, and cultivated companies.
Graph of geographic distribution of fermentation-enabled alternative protein companies by headquarters
Graph of example applications and uses for fermentation among alternative protein technology.
Fermentation mind map that shows the fermentation within the alternative protein landscape.
A visual representation of the landscape of fermentation within alternative proteins.
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2020 was a year of milestones for the alternative protein-focused fermentation industry. View our webinar for a global analysis of this rapidly accelerating, transformative market sector.

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Our two-page summary details the highlights and key data points from our 2020 State of the Industry report for fermentation-enabled alternative proteins.

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Looking for the mid-year 2020 State of the Industry report for fermentation-enabled alternative proteins? Download here.