$366Mwas raised by cultivated meat companies in 2020 — nearly six times the amount invested in 2019.
70+companies focused on developing cultivated meat inputs, services, or end products had publicly announced themselves by the end of 2020, up from 55 total in 2019.
15+types of cultivated meat are being pursued by startups, including beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, duck, white fish, mouse, salmon, tuna, foie gras, fish maw, lamb, kangaroo, horse, and sturgeon.

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Dive into the most complete report on the cultivated meat industry, with details on the commercial landscape, investments, regulatory developments, scientific progress, and other key developments.

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Timeline of the commercial timeline and leading edge of cultivated meat (also known as cultured meat) production
Leading edge of cultivated meat production
Graph of the rise of invested capital in alternative proteins across plant-based, fermentation, and cultivated companies.
Graphic of companies with initiatives in cultured meat (emergence of a commercial ecosystem)
Title slide from the cultivated state of the industry report webinar

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We are on the cusp of making secure, ethical, and sustainable cultivated animal meat a reality. Join us for a global analysis of the cultivated meat industry. This video dives into the science and technology, the commercial landscape, industry investments, regulatory developments, and the latest progress to provide a crash course on the state of the industry.

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Our two-page summary details the highlights and key data points from our 2020 State of the Industry report for cultivated meat.

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Learn about cultivated meat science

Learn about the science of cultivated meat and the challenges that must be addressed for commercial production. 

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Precision fermentation and cellular agriculture

Learn how cellular agriculture makes it possible to produce genuine animal protein through microbial precision fermentation.

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Company and Fundraising Database

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State of the Industry Report: Fermentation

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