Exploring industry perspectives

Historically, GFI has conducted separate alternative protein investor and startup surveys capturing industry sentiment, feedback on GFI resources, talent needs, and industry involvement data in both audience areas.

In January 2024, to capture a more holistic view of the alternative protein space, we created a single, comprehensive survey including investors, startups, and additional audience areas—including those with limited involvement in alternative proteins. 

The survey’s purpose was to gain insight into the food industry’s perceptions of alternative proteins and motivators for adjusting their business involvement in alternative proteins. The survey also aimed to inform GFI engagement, research, and resource strategies.

The survey ran from January 10, 2024, to January 31, 2024. In total, 533 respondents—including 161 food manufacturers, 56 investors, 17 restaurant and foodservice companies, 9 retailers, 133 suppliers, and 157 service providers—completed questions from the survey.

This summary provides an overview of key insights from the “alternative protein company” audience area of the survey, which includes food manufacturers and suppliers primarily involved in alternative proteins.

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