Byproducts-to-lipids: techno-economic analysis

2022 – 2023

The project will publish an open-access techno-economic analysis (TEA) investigating a two-stage byproducts-to-lipids production system and modeling production choice trade-offs. The wet lab work will analyze organism lipid profiles under various growth conditions to inform the TEA.

Production platform: Fermentation

Technology sector: Computational modeling

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Project aims

The project aims to publish an open-access techno-economic analysis (TEA) that will investigate the viability of the two-stage byproducts-to-lipids production system. The TEA will model various production choices and evaluate their trade-offs. The wet lab work will inform the TEA by analyzing lipid profiles of multiple organisms under various growth conditions. The results of this research can potentially motivate start-ups and investors to produce lipids and ingredients that contribute to the taste, texture and mouthfeel of alternative protein products, thus accelerating the transition to alternative protein.

Principal researchers

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Dorian Leger

Managing Director & co-founder, Connectomix Bio

Dorian grew up internationally and was trained in economics and molecular ecology. He is passionate about designing economies that are based on the principles of naturalecosystems.

Sci23076 2022 research grantee headshots ivanisevic

Milena Ivanisevic

Scientific Project Manager, co-founder, Connectomix Bio

Milena’s background is in molecular biology and physiology. Her scientific interests lay in tailoring microbial metabolism to develop new solutions for a sustainable future. Within Connectomix Bio she is coordinating international scientific collaborations.

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