Your 2019 reading list: Plant-based and clean meat essentials

With plant-based meat sweeping the 2019 trend forecasts and clean meat racing closer to commercialization every day, this is the opportune moment to ensure you’re well-versed in the science, technology, policy, and innovation behind planet-friendly proteins.
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HAPPY 2019!! Team, it’s official: “2019 will be the year alt-meat goes mainstream.” At least, so says Fast Company.

Case in point, Carl’s Junior is partnering with Beyond Meat; McDonald’s is market-testing a plant-based burger in Chicago; Impossible Foods is moving towards expanding from restaurants to retail; and Nestle is launching a plant-based “Incredible Burger.” Add to this Aleph Farm’s recent breakthrough with cell-based steak and JUST’s plans to debut clean chicken in restaurants as soon as yesterday.

In short, there’s no time like the present to hone your expertise on all things plant-based and clean meat. As you resolve in 2019 to sleep 8 hours every night, meditate every morning, and learn something new every day, we’ve got just the reading list for you:

This starter kit for sustainable protein includes everything from GFI’s peer-reviewed publications on the science of plant-based and clean meat to regulatory insights and updates. Find a sampler platter below:

So-called “alt-meat” isn’t just for the vegetarians and vegans anymore. As Senior Marketing Manager Caroline Bushnell told Fast Company, “In the last few years, as we’ve seen more companies innovating and thinking of their market base as all consumers and meat eaters.”

This is the opportune moment to ensure you’re well-versed in the innovation, science, technology, and policy behind planet-friendly proteins. Here’s that link again. 


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