Sonic reduces meat, raises the bar

GFI Corporate Engagement Director Alison Rabschnuk explains why mushrooms > meat in Sonic’s new Slingers.
Sonic sign

When Sonic introduced the first-of-its-kind, mushroom-blended Sonic Slinger, the classic chain re-imagined the fast food burger for everyone in the sector. Now the Slinger is an example of how restaurants can gain a competitive edge by edging out meat. 

Paying attention to the growing demand for flavorful, plant-forward (or in this case, fungi-forward) options has paid off: After a 60-day test run, Sonic is now rolling out two takes on the shroom Slingers in its 3,500 locations. The burgers will be sold for $1.99 a piece. 

Sonic mushroom blended burger

The secret to Sonic’s success is two-fold. On the one hand, it turns out that mushrooms provide — and perhaps improve upon — the powerful umami flavors of beef for a fraction of the calories. Secondly, these blended burgers are cost-competitive both for consumers and for the chain itself. With economies of scale, it’s highly likely that mushroom-blended burgers could be vastly more cost-efficient to produce than their 100% beef counterparts in the near future. 

Sonic’s C-suite and its customers are clearly getting a sweet deal, but there’s a big bonus for the environment as well. The Slingers are comprised of around a 75/25 beef to mushroom split, which might seem modest. But according to the World Resources Institute, replacing 30% of the beef in every burger consumed in America per year with mushrooms would have jaw-dropping impacts on the planet.  

Infographic of u. S. Consumption of beef

As a representative from the Culinary Institute of America told NPR, this subtle and savory approach to meat-reduction represents “a powerful, and previously underappreciated, way to drive improvements in our health and our planet.” 

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