Purple Orange Ventures offers 120K grants for entrepreneurial scientists & engineers

Purple Orange Ventures’ new fellowship program provides grant funding and mentorship for scientists and engineers to explore startup ideas leveraging deep tech and science for animal-free meat, eggs, and dairy.
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We urgently need additional technical talent and expertise from around the world to enter the plant-based and cell-based industries. This next generation of entrepreneurial scientists will play a critical role in advancing the quality, affordability, and availability of plant-based and cell-based meat products, positioning these foods as economically viable and sustainable sources of protein.

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Purple Orange Ventures (POV), an impact seed fund based in Berlin, has recognized this need and is stepping in to address it. POV backs early-stage teams leveraging science and technology to remove animals from the global food system. They have just launched a new fellowship program in partnership with GFI, New Harvest, ProVeg International, and ProVeg Incubator.

The POV Entrepreneurial Scientist & Engineer Fellowship program provides 120K EUR grant funding and mentorship for scientists and engineers to explore startup ideas leveraging deep tech and science to create or support the creation of products that mimic animal-based food products.

If you are a scientist or engineer currently living in Europe, UK, Israel, or Singapore and have an idea for a good food company, then this program can provide you with 12 months of support (with no repayment obligation!) to test the feasibility of your idea. POV and its partners will provide coaching on both the science and business aspects of your project and introduce you to strong potential co-founders and relevant stakeholders from their global networks. At the end of the fellowship, if you launch a company, POV may provide seed funding.

If you’ve been wanting to button up your lab coat, grab your pipettes, and join us in building a sustainable, healthy, and just food system, there’s no time like the present.

POV will only select up to 5 fellows per year so don’t wait to check this out. Find more details about the POV fellowship program and access the application here. 


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Erin Rees Clayton, Ph.D. supports GFI’s efforts to generate and communicate data-driven insights to accelerate the global alternative protein scientific ecosystem. Areas of expertise: alternative protein scientific research needs, research funding, research project management.