JUST partners with leading European egg producer

Leading plant-based egg and clean meat company JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) just announced their Just Egg product will be distributed across Europe by leading egg distributor Eurovo.
Just egg scrambled in pan

Today, leading plant-based egg and clean meat company JUST announced a distribution deal with a major European producer to bring Just Egg to consumers across Europe. (We have a major case of FOMO going on here in the U.S. right now!) This represents a huge step forward in expanding their market, but what makes this announcement historic isn’t just the size of their reach. It’s their partner: Eurovo, a leading European producer and distributor of packaged, pasteurized, and dried eggs.

Through the arrangement, Just Egg will be sold alongside Eurovo’s retail brands like le Naturelle, Maia, Novissime, Nonna Anita, and others, and will be available for chefs and foodservice professionals through Eurovo Service.

Just Egg, made from the mung bean, cooks and tastes like conventional chicken eggs and is currently launching nationally in the United States (including upcoming distribution via online retailer Jet). In addition to the U.S. and Europe, JUST plans to expand the product’s availability across Asia after a successful launch in Hong Kong earlier this year.

Go, JUST, go!

The Good Food Institute has been pushing for more plant-based eggs to join the market. Check out our paper “Plant-based egg alternatives: Optimizing for functional properties and applications,” which provides a roadmap of the various alternatives that exist, the functional properties they provide, and the relative importance of these functionalities across various applications.