How to navigate space-time as a good food entrepreneur

The GFI Innovation team has rolled out two new tools to help entrepreneurs locate opportunities and resources critical to building a good food company.
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Two hundred and ninety-two: this is how many accelerators and incubators worldwide can provide early-stage resources for good food entrepreneurs. That’s a lot! I’ve written out the whole number out for emphasis. 

Meanwhile, in the month of November alone, there are 22 events where a good food entrepreneur might catch the eye of their next big investor or connect with the food scientist they’ve been looking for. What an embarrassment of riches! And what a lot to keep track of.

Fortunately, the GFI Innovation team has got your back. We’ve just rolled out two new resources to help you navigate space-time as a good food entrepreneur: Check out our new calendar and map.

The Good Food Events Calendar tracks upcoming events like conferences, expos, pitch competitions, workshops, and meetups for entrepreneurs creating innovative food products. Our “submit event” feature allows you to suggest an event that you think should be added.

The Accelerator and Incubator Map shows which of these programs across the globe can provide early-stage resources for good food entrepreneurs.

Please do note, these events and programs have not been vetted by GFI. Their inclusion should not be interpreted as an endorsement. We just know that they exist, and we want to share that knowledge with you! Our radar is your radar.

P.S. While we on the subject of awesome resources from GFI’s Innovation Team. Have you checked out The Good Food Startup Manual? This extensive guide details pretty much every step involved in founding and growing a plant-based or clean meat company. It’s a beauty to behold.


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