GFI earns Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar

As the GuideStar team puts it, GuideStar is to nonprofits what Yelp is to restaurants. Fewer than one percent of nonprofit organizations earn a platinum level designation.
Gfi guidestar seal of transparency platinum

The Good Food Institute has earned a platinum seal of transparency from the leading nonprofit database GuideStar.

GuideStar is the Yelp of nonprofits

Time Magazine has called Guidestar “the nation’s premier nonprofit database.” As the GuideStar team puts it, GuideStar is to nonprofits what Zillow is to real estate and Yelp is to restaurants. In fact, it is the largest centralized source of information about nonprofits globally. Its data powers a wide range of charitable giving platforms and programs, including Network for Good, Amazon Smile, and Facebook fundraisers.

Going for gold…er, platinum

GuideStar rates organizations based on their level of transparency. GFI has earned their highest, platinum level certification by sharing the maximum amount of information and data about our mission, our financials, and our impact. Fewer than one percent of nonprofit organizations earn this designation.

GuideStar is one of the first and most robust resources people use to research charitable organizations. By offering as much information as possible through this portal, GFI provides current and prospective supporters with the information they need to decide where to give. GFI’s achievement of GuideStar’s highest seal of transparency reflects our steadfast commitment to maximizing our donors’ impact.

Stay in the know

GFI also sends our donors detailed updates every month — check out our February highlights! We’re also thrilled to share our 2018 Year in Review, which outlines some of the many high-impact initiatives GFI undertook to advance a sustainable, healthy, and just food system. With the continued support of our incredible family of donors, we are harnessing the power of innovation and markets to accelerate the transition of the global food system to plant-based and cell-based meat, eggs, and dairy. Together, we can brighten the future of food.


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