12 reasons you might want to work at GFI

We’re hiring!! Do you want to help create a healthy, sustainable, and just food system? Here’s a taste of GFI’s workplace culture.
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GFI is hiring!! Do you want to help create a healthy, sustainable, and just food system? We’re looking for talented, wonderful people to join our good food crew. What’s it like to work for GFI? Here are some of my favorite aspects of GFI culture:

1. We’re focused on impact.

All of GFI’s initiatives are designed to leverage resources for maximum effect. Working towards pragmatic, high-impact solutions is a necessary foundation for sustaining mission-driven passion. 

2. Bruce touches base.

Three times a year, GFI Executive Director Bruce Friedrich has one-on-one calls with every single member of staff to see how things are going for them and talk about whatever they want to discuss.

3. GFI likes feedback.

Our HR team is extremely open to staff suggestions, works hard to make improvements where needed, and conducts staff surveys to measure progress. HR presents the results and action plans to all staff and makes them available on our Google Drive.

4. We stay sunny.

The GFI Sunshine Committee celebrates team members’ accomplishments and makes sure everyone feels the love when times get tough.

5. Our salary system is transparent.

Welcome to the 21st century! Here’s to crushing the gender pay gap.

6. We bliss out.

We start our weekly staff meetings with a Minute of Bliss. We mini-meditate (read: close our eyes, focus on our breath, and attempt to still our thoughts) for one minute at the start of every all-staff meeting.

7. No, seriously, GFI is really into mindfulness.

In addition to our #MinuteofBliss, GFI has a corporate Headspace account for anyone who wants to build their meditation practice. A generous supporter has also gifted GFI staff a year of regular mindfulness training.

8. We’re remote!

Remote work comes with amazing flexibility, and not having to commute adds so much time to the week. (I save 10 hours per week by not commuting from Brooklyn to Midtown, Manhattan.) Having the liberty to design your work environment is an empowering adventure.

9. The cloud is our jam.

Being a remote organization makes high-quality communication and streamlined workflows even more important. All our work lives on Google Drive, our project management happens in Asana, and we default to video calls because we like seeing each others’ faces.

10. Bonding is a top priority.

In the spirit of fostering extracurricular connection, we have regular “coffee break” and “happy hour” calls, where those who wish to can dial in and hang out. There’s also a cooking club and a book club for the social chefs and readers among us.

11. We know when to retreat.

GFI has two all-staff retreats per year. Everyone strategizes systemic change by day and sings a whole lot of karaoke by night. Note that karaoke is not mandatory but is encouraged (by me and many others).

12. Everyone rocks.

Most importantly, everyone is wicked smart, compassionate, and determined to make the world a better place.

Want to help transform the food system and work with an incredible team? Check out our job openings and see if it’s a match!

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Mary allen

Mary Allen GFI ALUM

Mary Allen is a science writer, creative strategist, and GFI alum focused on the intersection of sustainability and emerging technology. Find more of her work at mary-allen.com.