Eating Animals hits the big screen

Natalie Portman has produced a feature-film version of Jonathan Safran Foer’s best-selling book, “Eating Animals.” GFI’s Bruce Friedrich is in the film talking about how plant-based meat can help fix our broken system.
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In 2009, Jonathan Safran Foer published the nonfiction book Eating Animals. For many people who hadn’t previously thought about their food — specifically the animals they eat — this book broke through in a way other efforts hadn’t. Foer reached many new audiences who didn’t already have a specific “food identity” (e.g. slow-food movement, animal rights, etc.). Readers could relate to Safran Foer’s journey to discover how his food choices would impact his newborn son.

Now, Natalie Portman is hoping that her film adaptation of the book, released in theatres Friday, June 15, will have a similar impact.

GFI’s own Bruce Friedrich makes a cameo (or two!) in the film. Bruce talks about how innovations in plant-based proteins can shift destructive industrialized agriculture towards more healthy, sustainable, and humane options.

Like The Good Food Institute, “Eating Animals” doesn’t just focus on the problems of industrial animal agriculture. The film also focuses on transforming the system from within, exploring how innovations in food can be a part of the solution -Bruce Friedrich

The folks behind the film have also assembled an action center. There you will find resources on health, the environment, animal welfare, antibiotic resistance, and sustainable food and farming. You can also learn about the future of food, as well as companies and investors building this future. Of particular interest is a Q&A with Bruce on the main advantages of choosing plant-based protein instead of eating animals.

Whatever your personal take is on eating animals and the future for plant-based and clean meat, this film is a must-see. 

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