GFI named an ACE Top Charity for the fourth year in a row

GFI is honored to announce that we have been named one of the four most effective charities in the world for reducing animal suffering by Animal Charity Evaluators.
2019 top charity with gfi employees

Breaking news! Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE), an independent organization that conducts comprehensive analyses of global animal charities, has named the Good Food Institute as one of the four most effective charities in the world for reducing animal suffering. We are honored to have earned their distinction of Top Charity for the fourth year in a row.

ACE stated in their review, “We believe that developing competitive alternatives to animal products could have an enormous impact for farmed animals in the long term. It could cause consumers to purchase fewer animal products, and it might do so much more quickly than using moral arguments to persuade consumers to stop eating meat, dairy, and eggs. We feel confident in GFI’s leadership and strategic vision.”

At GFI, we know that our current system—which relies heavily on industrial animal agriculture—is not the answer. Our vision is a world where healthy food is sustainably and humanely produced, is plentiful and accessible to all, and does not harm our planet’s climate, land, or water. To make that vision a reality, we focus on:

GFI is 100 percent powered by philanthropy: Our impact is only possible thanks to our family of supporters. ACE’s thorough review and commendation of our work confirm that a gift to GFI is among the most effective and efficient ways to remove animals from industrial agriculture and transform our current food system in a way that contributes to the flourishing of our planet, people and animals. 

And tomorrow, on Giving Tuesday, a generous donor has offered to make every dollar go twice as far, twice as fast: Every gift to GFI on December 3rd will be doubled—up to $50,000. Will you be our +1 and join our global network of giving?

Check out ACE’s in-depth evaluation of GFI here.


Susan halteman


Susan Halteman is GFI’s Senior Vice President of Development. Areas of expertise: leadership, nonprofits, fundraising, strategy, and donor engagement