GFI is granting more than $3 million to plant-based and cultivated meat research

Check out our 2019 RFP and consider whether you or someone you know should apply for up to $300,000 in research funding. The deadline for Phase 1 proposal submission is October 28, 2019.
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It’s been one year since we launched our GFI Competitive Research Grant Program. At the recent Good Food Conference, many of our inaugural grantees presented posters describing the research progress they’ve made over the past several months. It’s incredibly exciting to see the creative ways these scientists are addressing the technical barriers facing the plant-based and cultivated meat industries. 

Gfi competitive research grant cohort
The inaugural cohort of GFI’s Competitive Research Grant Program gather at the Good Food Conference | Image Credit: Nick Klein

Join this growing scientific community

What’s just as exciting is the release of our second request for proposals (RFP)! Thanks to gifts from visionary donors to GFI, we are able to grant at least $3.15 million to promising plant-based and cultivated meat research projects through our 2019 RFP.

The 2019 RFP seeks research proposals that will address the organoleptic properties of plant-based and cultivated meat products, their cost, and the scale-up of production processes. Projects may focus on a specific end-use application or the development of novel ingredients, methods, tools, or technologies.

Check out the 2019 RFP and consider whether you or someone you know should apply for up to $300,000 in research funding. The deadline for Phase 1 proposal submission is October 28, 2019.

Explore the research in progress

Last year we funded 14 research proposals from eight different countries (Canada, China, Estonia, Israel, Norway, Serbia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) through our Competitive Research Grant Program. You can find information about these exciting projects on our research grants page, too! This year, we will continue our focus on funding the best plant-based and cultivated meat research from around the world. By supporting high-quality research that will produce open-access data for the entire plant-based and cultivated meat ecosystem, we are working to build the scientific foundation of a healthy, sustainable, and just food system.

Help support catalytic research

If you’d like to discuss partnership opportunities with GFI as we continue to expand our research program activities, please let us know. We welcome the opportunity to talk with individuals, nonprofits and NGOs, researchers, investors, and funding agencies who are keen to support or conduct plant-based and cultivated meat research.

All of GFI’s work is made possible thanks to generous donors. Philanthropic support is vital to our mission. To discuss how you can be part of this transformative work with your gift or grant, please contact


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