Most U.S. consumers are unfamiliar with cultivated meat – that’s an opportunity

In the United States, as many as 64% of consumers demonstrate no familiarity at all with cultivated meat, while roughly 10% are very or extremely familiar with the concept. This highlights a significant opportunity to introduce cultivated meat and its benefits to consumers in ways that can drive interest and appeal. 

Once consumers are introduced to the concept, most are open to trying cultivated meat

Consumer research studies have found most consumers are willing to try cultivated meat once they are familiar with the concept of cultivated meat and its benefits. Sixty-five percent of U.S. respondents cite curiosity/novelty as a reason they are interested in trying cultivated meat. 

Consumers are looking for parity with conventional meat (and tangible benefits)

Consumers are looking for cultivated meat to perform similarly to or better than conventional meat in taste, texture, appearance, usage, nutrition, and price. Additional benefits that could be leveraged to drive consumer interest include food safety and security. Cultivated meat brands should understand the potential added value of messaging around cultivated meat’s health and environmental benefits as well as its similarity to conventional meat in the cooking and eating experience. It’s clear that messaging that emphasizes that cultivated meat can look, cook, and taste the same as conventional meat improves the appeal of cultivated meat in consumers’ eyes.

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