Developing cell lines for cultivated seafood


Dr. Kevan Main and Dr. Cathy Walsh at Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida are identifying species, developing methodology, and developing cell lines for optimal cultivated seafood.


TECHNOLOGY SECTOR:  Cell line development

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Project aims

This project aims to develop cell lines from redfish (Sciaenops ocellatus) and whiteleg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) and characterize those cells’ proliferative properties and differentiation potential. It also develops growth media formulations that allow for the proliferation of the developed cell lines as well as exploring methods for inducing myogenesis in the created cell lines. 

This work will lower the barrier to entry for other researchers in the field of cultivated seafood by eliminating the need to develop their own cell lines. It will also advance the field by furthering understanding of cell line research from aquatic animals and helping to select optimal species for future cell line development.

Principal researchers

Gfi grantee dr. Kevan main, senior scientist & program manager, mote marine laboratory, usa

Dr. Kevan Main

Senior Scientist & Program Manager, Mote Marine Laboratory, USA

Dr. Main has led Mote Marine’s aquaculture programs since 2001 and holds extensive experience in developing sustainable aquaculture methods for multiple species.

Gfi grantee, dr. Cathy walsh, associate vice president for research, senior scientist, & program manager, mote marine laboratory, usa

Dr. Cathy Walsh

Associate Vice President for Research, Senior Scientist, & Program Manager, Mote Marine Laboratory, USA

Dr. Walsh has served as Mote Marine’s quality assurance officer since 2000 and has extensive expertise in marine cell culture and immunology.

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