The Frozen Farmyard: A cell line repository

2019 – 2021

Dr. Sullivan is creating the Frozen Farmyard – a cell line repository for agriculturally-relevant animals. This repository will advance cultivated meat research around the world.

Production platform: Cultivated

Technology sector: Cell line development

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Project aims

This project generates relevant cell lines and other standard cellular materials for use by cultivated meat researchers. The research is also developing a kit that will enable veterinarians, farmers, and others to send biopsies to labs. 

This work will increase the global accessibility of relevant cell lines and other required material for cultivated meat. It will also reduce duplication of effort in the synthesis of viable cell lines and decrease variability from lab to lab and experiment to experiment.

Principal researchers

Grant recipient 0000 gareth sullivan

2019 – 2021

Dr. Gareth Sullivan

Group Leader, Norwegian Stem Cell Centre, University of Oslo, Norway

Dr. Sullivan investigates factors that dictate the cellular fate of induced pluripotent stem cells. His other research includes developing liver models using human pluripotent stem cells for a patient-specific approach to metabolic disease. He also produces tools for investigating toxicology and reducing drug failure rates.

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