Reproducing salmon aroma


This project aims to determine the key molecules that contribute to cooked salmon’s odor and flavor and recreate these with optimal plant, fungal, and algal oils. The proposed solutions’ oxidative stability will be determined and possibilities for shelf-life extension provided. 

Production platform: Plant-Based

Technology sector: End product formulation & manufacturing, Ingredient optimization

Sci23066 pb

Project aims

This project aims to determine the most important molecules that contribute to the odor and flavor of cooked salmon. Afterwards, the best alternative oils will be selected (plants, fermented, algal oil) for generating reaction flavors for salmon alternatives. Finally, the oxidative stability of proposed solutions will be determined and possibilities for the shelf-life extension provided.

The output of this project will give valuable information for the development of salmon alternatives and the production of ingredients for fish alternative products.

Spotlight on research: Explore the poster presentation from the 2023 Good Food Conference

Principal researchers

Sci23076 2022 research grantee headshots rosenvald

Dr. Sirli Rosenvald

Head of Alternative Protein Research, TFTAK

Sirli is a food scientist with a Ph.D. in food technologies, specializing in the molecules behind the taste and aroma of food. For the last 10 years she has been running multiple research projects and leading research teams in different food research areas in TFTAK. Most recently, she has been focusing on protein research and meat alternative developments, helping to develop and commercialize multiple alternative protein products.

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