Plant proteins: Structuring through processing

2024 – 2025

Integrating high-moisture extrusion and post-structuring technologies for improved textures from plant proteins.

Production platform: Plant-Based

Technology sector: End product formulation & manufacturing, Ingredient optimization, Scaffolding

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Project aims

The overall aim is to create improved plant-based meat analogs, at a price point and with textures comparable to conventional meat. The improved products will be prepared from plant proteins such as gluten, soy, pea, fava, and chickpea. Developments within the project are to understand and couple technologies already established for the creation of food structures. Mixtures of plant proteins and starch will be manipulated, and the coupled technologies optimized to meet consumer expectations on meat analog textures. Technologies will be selected with the aim to ultimately allow for continuous processing at large-scale industry manufacture, a requirement for launching price competitive products.

Principal researchers

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Bettina Wolf

Professor, School of Chemical Engineering

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Bettina Wolf is a Chemical Engineer by training and has worked on food systems throughout her industrial and academic career. Her research focuses on process-microstructure-property relationships in edible soft matter systems. Current projects include microstructure engineering with plant proteins and sustainable emulsifier systems for chocolate.

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