Multi-omic profiling for cultivated seafood

2024 – 2026

This project will leverage multi-omic data to analyze several fish species in depth.

Production platform: Cultivated

Technology sector: Cell culture media, Cell line development, Computational modeling

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Project aims

The aim of this project is to create novel cell lines and to develop ways to enhance existing ones, with the goal of improving proliferation rates, understanding differentiation, and reducing serum dependency in media. This will be done by developing a better understanding of the underlying biological processes relevant to cultivated seafood, including characterizing diverse cell types, developing a better understanding of proliferation/differentiation dynamics, and metabolic modeling.

Principal researchers

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Brian Dixon

Professor and CRC chair, Biology
University of Waterloo, Canada

Professor Brian Dixon’s research focuses on fish immune systems. He is an expert in the processes by which fish detect and respond to viruses and bacteria, the influence of environmental factors such as temperature on fish immunity and replacing antibiotics in aquaculture with probiotics and natural fish immune proteins. He has developed several cell lines and over 40 antibodies to fish immune and stress molecules.

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